After Ashes

After a plague wipes out most of humanity, transforming them into mindless creatures, The Grim Reaper struggles with boredom as he kills time more than he does people. Kali Kaminski, the lone human survivor, struggles to maintain her sanity while keeping creatures and lethargy at bay. These two individuals inevitably meet and find kindred spirits in one another changing both of their outlooks on the world they find themselves trapped in.



Director Biography - Jesse McAnally

Co-founder of Fosca Features, Jesse McAnally has a degree in media arts from Wayne State University. He currently serves as Creative Director of Fosca Features, LLC where he has successfully directed and produced three short films as well as many of professional promotional materials over the last three years.


His directorial debut in 2015, a short film titled, “Sunny Days,” has showcased in a variety of local festivals including the Moving Media Student Film Festival, the Royal Starr Film Festival, and the WDIV Film Challenge Detroit.


His films exemplify out of the box story-telling techniques that pushes the Short Film format into novel places that focuses on bending traditional driven narratives with fascinating concepts.


Director Statement

When ‘After Ashes’ revealed itself as my next project, I immediately felt very excited and devoted to the project. My first thoughts were, “How has nobody thought of this idea before me?” It made me giddy with the possibilities it offered, and excited to gather a crew around my strange idea.


After Ashes turned out to be the most ambitious film I've ever set out to make. It was a difficult tightrope walk of tones, implementing Fantasy and Horror elements into a comedic drama-- similar in tone and style to Guillermo Del Toro, but confined to the limits of a short film. It was a fun challenge, and allowed me to refine my style.


The film has been the best example of what I set out to do: Tell stories that I've never seen before in novel and strange ways. I wish to twist genre conventions and narrative expectations as far as I possibly can while still giving an audience an escapist, dramatic experience. I believe is important to begin telling stories that give high impact roles to women, without power given to their relationship with men.


I hope this film can reach a large audience, and let them empathize with two strong, steadfast souls who find each other, and save one another.




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