Be My Cat: A Film for Anne


An aspiring Romanian filmmaker obsessed with Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway goes to shocking extremes to convince Anne to star in his upcoming film.


Director Biography - Adrian Țofei


Adrian Țofei is an award-winning and critically-acclaimed Romanian filmmaker and actor. He directed, produced, wrote and starred in Romania’s first found footage horror feature film, "Be My Cat: A Film for Anne", for which he won numerous awards and critical acclaim, including Best Film at the 2015 A Night of Horror Film Festival in Sydney and Best Actor at the 2016 Nashville Film Festival.


Adrian Țofei was born on July 20, 1987 in Rădăuți, Romania. His mother, Dorina Țofei, supported him watching movies from an early age, and later, in adolescence, Adrian started to spend hours each day researching film history as a passion. He also took acting lessons, performed in high school plays and in 2007 went on to study Ion Cojar‘s acting method at Lower Danube University of Galați, then continued in 2010 with a master’s degree in theatrical art at Spiru Haret University of Bucharest. During 2008-2012, Adrian also directed, produced, wrote and performed in various plays, most notably "The Monster", a one-man-show which was selected to numerous theatre festivals.


Adrian has been married to actress and screenwriter Duru Yücel Țofei since January 22, 2017. He is currently developing the upcoming feature films "Good Girl" (produced by Blumhouse and Entertainment 360) and "Die Bully Die", the upcoming anthology series "Film Crazy" (formerly known as "We Put the World to Sleep"), and a segment in the upcoming feature anthology "Wander Tales".




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