Carissa Lee McGee is the founder and leader of the local organization Tulsa YouTubers, a meetup group that takes place every last Saturday of the month to help local YouTubers network with like-minded video creators. Before starting the Tulsa YouTubers Facebook and groups, Carissa attended John Casablanca’s Modeling and Career Center, where she earned a Certificate in TV & Print Modeling. Since then, she has walked in five Tulsa fashion shows and made multiple YouTube channels, with the video “Cat Freaks Out In Snow and Refuses To Move” from her main channel Carissa Lee getting featured on an episode of the show Right This Minute, as well as this video being shared globally on online platforms such as Yahoo Screen and MSN. In her spare time, she can be found catching up on the latest episode of The Orville, Family Guy, or The Walking Dead, or even watching Star Trek reruns. One of Carissa’s goals is to make Oklahoma the biggest YouTube community in the country. She is currently working towards a degree in Broadcast Production.


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