Dr. Leah Oxenford


Dr. Leah Oxenford is a dedicated member of the University of Science and Arts faculty with a commitment to interdisciplinary education. Her development of original lecture/laboratory content featuring science fiction themes from video games and movies has yielded a fresh fusion of biology, chemistry, and environmental science with the arts.  Her instructional achievements were recognized by the USAO Regents Award for Superior Teaching in 2013 and her award-winning research on passive treatment of acid mine drainage supported by the American Society of Mining and Reclamation (ASMR) features novel solutions to local environmental issues. She has been a featured presenter for the USAO Festival of Arts and Ideas over the past four years (2014-2018) with topics ranging from:

  • Game theory in education (“From Board games to the Borderlands”)
  • Defining beauty through artistic expression (“Remediation: A Photographic Journey through Abandoned Mining Landscapes and the Path to Recovery”)
  • Sensitivity analysis of video games as simulators for modeling complex algorithms (“Plague Inc. and Modeling the Spread of Infectious Disease”)


Regardless of the environment, Dr. Leah Oxenford is committed to conversations on how science and the arts are essential partners in problem-solving and prevention.