Mourning the death of her father, a lonely eight-year-old girl is befriended by two mysterious girls who offer her a way to reunite with him.



Director Biography - Colin Costello

A self-professed geek and DC Comics fan, Colin Costello is an Emmy-nominated writer/director with two family features – the theatrical release, “The Stream” (2013) starring Rainn Wilson and Kelly Rutherford and “Alternate Universe: A Rescue Mission” (2017) featuring Steve Guttenberg. His award-winning DC Comics fan film, “Committed” about The Joker and Harley Quinn in couples’ therapy is still touring on the fest circuit and last year had his first book published, “Supermodels.” Colin’s newest film is his directorial debut, “The After Party,” which is currently on the festival circuit.


When he is not hiking, going to movies or rooting for his beloved Philadelphia teams, Colin spends much of his time with his wife Charlotte and his daughters Chloe and Max and their cat, Morty - short for “Mortal Komkat."


Director Statement

When Eric Handler (the Producer) told me of the project “Dreamwisher," I was immediately drawn to it. The film is about grief and how we all deal with it in our own ways. Some withdraw from the world. Others take it as inspiration. And some hope to be reunited again. The loss of a parent can never be replaced and it leaves a hole, no matter how many years have passed. I experienced this myself when my own parents died within 18 months of each other in 2004 and 2005. So the story of ‘Dreamwisher’ is a very personal story as I still dream about them all the time. The film is not just a story of grief, but also an uplifting one. Death can be a beautiful event in all of our lives. And I wanted to show that with “Dreamwisher.” Also, I am a huge “Twilight Zone” fan and anytime, I can come close to creating something in that vein, I leap at the chance.



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