Writers, Film and Science Workshop

Our workshops will feature Crash Landed's award-winning lineup of writers, filmmakers, and scientists working with you in a small limited group setting.


Professional Panels from working Industry Professionals

Panels from industry professionals across the spectrum covering topics from fiction and fandom to filmography and Faraday cages.


Film Festival Viewings

Join us in taking in all of this year's entries to the Crash Landed Film Festival and even get to vote for your fan favourite.


Video Events

Showings of new and innovative stories and film work in the areas of sci-fi, fantasy, fiction, and other formats.


Author and Guest Signings

Like to get the autograph of one of the authors, guest or celebrity types at the show! You will have plenty of opportunities and we will proudly say that at Crash Landed you will NEVER have to PAY for a guest or authors autograph!


Science in action Demonstrations

Come see our Science in Action Demos. Better than a sodium bicarbonate and acetic acid Volcano I can tell you that much!


Focused Subject Panels

From costumes and the history of fandom to the worst of science in film, we will have something to get you going on just about any level.


Hall Costume Contest

We are ditching the hassle and going old school sci-fi style. Come see and be seen just walking and strutting your costume style! Voting will be done by you the fans on who has the best costume in several fun categories!


16 mm Outdoor Theater

This is your daddy's movie showing kids! Bring a blanket and your nostalgia to the best 16mm showing of classic sci-fi this side of the  Alpha Persei star cluster.


Film Industry Mixer ( Friday - Finger foods - Drinks - Music )

Got a little extra dough? Come rub shoulders with some of Oklahoma's movers and shakers in film and fiction for a meet and greet with a drink and some dinner and you can be there too!


Guest Dinner ( Saturday )

Join us for a relaxed and engaging evening of dinner and conversation with the guest and other fans alike.


Film Fest Awards

 Join us in awarding all of our filmmakers in their pursuit of excellence in the first ever Crash Landed Film Awards.