Hunger - A Short Film


When a vegan gets turned into a zombie, she finds herself in a world where her deeply ingrained lifestyle conflicts with the new-found need to eat flesh to survive. As she stumbles across a now alien landscape, she meets other zombies and humans that will test her resolve. Will the last vestiges of her previous life keep her from succumbing to the base desire to eat human meat? Or will she remain true to herself, even in un-death, and even if it means her demise?


Director Biography - CJ Barnes


Born in Portland, Oregon, CJ Barnes has had a fascination with cinema and spent much of his youth writing and developing original screenplay ideas.


While he continued to write frequently, he didn't get his first taste of production until he was in Macau, working with various film and TV crews, both as actor and cast manager.


He has spent the past 12 years away from his home country, living abroad in Macau, France, on board a cruise ship in the Mediterranean, and in Australia, where he now makes his home. During that time, he wrote often, produced an animated show, did videography for a number of artists and performers, and worked with a number of music, film, and stage performers.


After prompting from friends and family, CJ finally took his first plunge into filmmaking: writing, directing, and producing his first film, "Hunger - A Short Film". Through a collective effort, the film was completed and screened to very positive reviews on April 21st, 2018.


The experience has led CJ to begin writing his next few projects, hoping to go back into production by the end of 2018.



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Make sure to download the FAN GURU app to keep up with all the schedules and maps