AKathy Ronquillo is the creative mind and the voice known as Mama Imagine of the kid and family friendly YouTube Channel: We Imagine. She has always loved imagining stories and entertaining people with her storytelling. Since childhood, she dreamed of being an author providing her audience a portal into an imaginative world.


Kathy has a bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University in Pre-law/Family Studies. She knows that play and imagination are extremely important to the development of a child’s brain.  She started the channel to further connect and play with her youngest child Elizabeth, better known on the channel as Bug. We Imagine quickly grew to involve the entire family, including big brothers, Creighton, Zachary, Anthony, and their dad, Kerry.


In this age of electronics and digital media, Kathy saw We Imagine connecting quickly with her audience and hopefully inspiring other children to get out their toys and play.  She designed the We Imagine brand to be child-focused, emphasizing safe entertainment for the entire family.


In her past professional life, Kathy served as a director at the YWCA working with single and teen parents. She also spent many years focused on raising her own 4 children. She followed her entrepreneurial spirit and opened a family business in Nebraska, Fistful of Daisies, a vintage and custom furniture and decorating boutique. Upon moving to Oklahoma, We Imagine was born.


When not dreaming up content, filming, editing, or interacting with her audience, Kathy enjoys reading, playing games, and of course, spending precious time with her family.