Le Grand Club des Voyeurs

An awkward nature photographer accidentally stumbles across a "social gathering", where his presence isn't the most welcome.



Director Biography - Christopher Beech


Christopher Beech was born and raised in North Staffordshire, England. He has had a passion for filmmaking since he was a child, creating home movies using puppets and action-figures to collaborating with school friends on skits. Today he makes short films, with his biggest influences ranging from Kubrick, Deren, Lynch, Tarkovsky, Godard and many others.


Director Statement

'Le Grand Club des Voyeurs' is a very short film I wrote, directed, produced and starred in. I didn't initially plan to star in this film. I did try hiring several actors to play the lead role but they all declined due to the film's subject matter. I firmly believe that where there is controversy, there is interest. 'Le Grand Club des Voyeurs' is a film, like my previous shorts, where genres are blended together to create something distinctive and original. I would describe it as a mystery drama, a psychedelic experimental, and a very dark comedy with surrealist elements. It is not necessarily a film about the lens that may be starring at you, but society in general, and how we judge and misjudge the right and wrong people. - Christopher Beech