Path of Egress

Three close friends and their relationship to a heist pulled a few days prior, questions the job's true value. With the payout just around the corner, how much can each man's involvement be worth?



Director Biography - Vincent Baran

Filmmaking wasn’t a “flavor of the day” or something to tell everyone you did to make yourself look cool. For Vincent Baran, making movies was about creating a visual element for a scenario that starts out as an idea in someone's head.. It was about bringing people, places, and situations to light that you wouldn’t necessarily run into on a daily basis (hopefully!).

It started with being exposed to various genres of films as a child. Vince watched and re-watched movies that stuck out to him as being “different”. Not too many children would be watching House on Haunted Hill (1959) then popping in a VHS of Free Willy (1993) and then wrapping up the weekend at Blockbuster, renting Once Bitten (1985). At the time, it wasn’t about which actors were in the film, who directed it, or even what the message was. It was a pure innocent love for what was being played out on screen. Naturally, that love stuck with him throughout his life. After attending college and majoring in film production, he set off to work on various Hollywood productions and TV shows. While it was a huge step forward to finally work on the movies and shows that started this passion, none of it was offering the opportunity to take an idea from start to finish. He wanted to be hands on from conception, until it was walking on its own. He wanted to direct a feature. What did life have in store? Well... it just so happens that while he was working on NBC’s Chicago Fire, he was handed the script to what would ultimately become Path of Egress. After reading through it with Producer/Actor Paskal Pawlicki, he knew this was his opportunity to create something special. Over the course of 3 years, he set out to bring this multi-layer story to life. He made sure that youthful idea of being “different” was etched in the fabric of the film's DNA. This isn’t a film to be left playing in the background in the house while you do chores. This isn’t something your going to see made every few months. This is that idea of “different”. This is Path of Egress.




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