A determined young woman embarks on an epic adventure to reunite her family, torn apart and spread across the solar system ten years ago by an all-powerful global company that, in 2151, has the power to "recruit" anyone who owes it a debt.


This cautionary tale juxtaposes our economic inequality, corporate power, and basic freedoms against a realistic, potential dystopian future.



Director Biography - Alison Kohlhardt

Actor/Director Alison Kohlhardt is best known for her roles in "Cindr" (2015), "Deadly Women" (2010-2013) and Blue Match Comedy (2015-).


Born in Sydney, Australia, she began performing in school plays at a young age. Her theater work quickly prompted a move to Hong Kong. Shortly thereafter her career instigated a relocation to Los Angeles, where she was cast in numerous television, voice-overs and film productions including, "Misdirected" (2014), "Apartmates" (2015-) and "Flashback" (2015).


She is fast becoming a success as a new type of triple-threat: an actor, director and producer. Her dedication and hard work has been adventitious in these endeavors.


Director Statement

Hope – it is what drives humanity for a better tomorrow. Whether it is 2018 or 2151, hope is what pushes us to be better, try harder and to stand up for what is right. “Reclamation” is a culmination of our present world heightened into a futuristic reality where one entity owns the entire galaxy. It is a medley of high technology mixed with repression and poverty. It is an imagination of what could become, amazing advancements that inevitably re-shape the existence of humanity and how life is lived – if lived at all. It is a journey of hope and discovery, about how far a person would go to reclaim what has been taken from them.


As a director I really wanted to shine a light on the polarities of today and the future. To explore a world at its core that still deals with the same issues present in our society. To see what could become, and what still is. To imagine the best and the worst of technological and medical advancements and its unique synchronicity with wealth and poverty combined. To discover where in this world hope lives, for it is in the past and present that we can learn that family, friendship and love remain constants, and with evolution one would hope, that hope still prevails




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