Team Mars


Team Mars: Antarctica is a comedy series about a group of astronauts training in Antarctica to go to Mars. The astronauts spend three years co-existing in 1200 square feet, simulating what life would be like if they lived together on Mars. It’s like “The Office” meets “The Martian.”


Director Biography - Steve O'Reilly, Andy Ferguson, Damien Drake


Steve O'Reilly: As a writer, Steve's both worked and not worked at MTV and at Comedy Central, but would work there again. As a tv composer, he's written music for a long time, but he's never really written any really long music. Steve is a proud married father, native New Yorker, Brown University graduate, guitar addict, and life long creative type.


Andy Ferguson: Andy was born in Philly, grew up in Toledo and lives in New York City. He is fond of all three. He finished fourth in the NY Regional of the 2010 U.S. Air Guitar Championships. In a previous career, he was a stand-up comedian. In a previous life, he was a lion. He loves the smell of anything vanilla and prefers nut-based ice cream flavors. Andy is a proud alumnus of Woodlawn Elementary School in Perrysburg, OH, where he studied reading with an emphasis on rocking velcro sneakers and making subpar art projects that he would later give to his parents in place of real presents.


Damien Drake: Damien is an award-winning director, cinematographer and producer. Raised in New York, Drake has traveled the globe to shoot documentaries, commercials, TV shows, music videos and unique content for clients ranging from Nike to National Geographic.


Director Statement



New comedy series takes a close look at life on Mars. By way of Antarctica.

The six-episode first season of Team Mars premieres July 4th on Vimeo


ANTARCTICA --June 20 2018 --

The Space Race is about to get even hotter and more ridiculous as creators Steve O’Reilly and Andy Ferguson launch into the first stage of colonizing Mars: simulating the experience. Team Mars is a new independent comedy series that follows four Mars-hopefuls as they prepare for life on Mars -- in Antarctica.


“Andy and I knew space exploration would make a great sitcom once we asked ourselves, ’what kind of person wants to be launched off this planet?’” O’Reilly said.


“We wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the Space Race, but after the lease on our shuttle expired, we struggled to find the appropriate gesture,” Ferguson added. ”Once we settled on the idea of a comedy about astronauts simulating life on Mars, everything else just went South, literally.”


TEAM MARS stars Benny Elledge (Broadway’s Waitress, The Detour, Knights of New Jersey), Andy Bustillos (Deadbeat, Divorce, Girls), Ikechukwu Ufomadu (Comedians To Watch 2018: Time Out NY, Ike at Night) Eleanor Boddie (Power of Attraction, Bourek) and Chris Lamberth (Jessica Jones, Last O.G., High Maintenance).


About the

Creative Team:

According to his aunts and uncles, Steve O’Reilly is best known for his acting roles in The Prince and Me and a “seriously disturbing” horror film called My Little Eye. He has spent the last decade composing music for television, including Discovery Channel’s hit CA$H CAB. While he’s never worked on a sci-fi film, together with Ferguson he endeavoured to make his own. He’s reached out to hundreds of employees on both sides of the space race (NASA & Space X) and feels comfortable calling them LinkedIn friends. His motivation is what keeps him going. He has worked at Comedy Central and would work there again.


Andy Ferguson has built his career working at the intersection of sports and comedy, creating some of his mother’s favorite commercials for ESPN, Nike, the NBA and the NFL. His spot starring David Ortiz and Wally The Red Sox Green Monster was voted the #3 SportsCenter commercial of all time.


Together, O’Reilly and Ferguson created the award-winning short film GOING PUBLIC (a “romp-com” about two young parents spicing up their love life by attempting to have sex in public) and the webseries CO-OPeration (about a dysfunctional co-op board in New York City that featured 2 Dope Queens’ Phoebe Robinson and Roseanne’s Lecy Goranson).




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Make sure to download the FAN GURU app to keep up with all the schedules and maps