The Grimoire Chapters: Rem

Episode 4 - Death By A Thousand Cuts

Sam Chapman, friend, and colleague to Kevin Parker faces the aftermath of the Parker Sleep Experiment.


(Season 3 Synopsis)

In 1968, a deadly sleep experiment took place at the Parker family residence. A crime that would go down in infamy and sets in motion a series of events, leading to a startling killing spree in 1988. Who or what is the connection?



Director Biography - Michael Davis

Michael Davis is a filmmaker from California. Michael has loved film since he was a small child and in 2008 he made his first wide release short film. Since, Michael has worked on numerous other shorts and three feature films. Michael has experience with writing, producing, directing, production design, cinematography, special effects, editing, sound design, and marketing. Michael attended Full Sail University in 2013, the same year he became the show-runner for the anthology horror series The Grimoire Chapters. He has been working on the set, behind and in front of the camera, for the frightening series ever since.


Director Statement

The Grimoire Chapters has been a passion project of mine for several years now. I think the horror genre is quite often overlooked within the film community. People often equate horror to masked killers and endless gore, but I have always thought of horror as drama but with extreme circumstances. For actors and actresses to believably portray those heightened extremes is no easy task. It requires real work and real talent. I was very fortunate in getting the opportunity to work with a fantastic cast and crew who helped bring this season to life. This season is our biggest season yet for the show with our biggest cast, and I think everyone has been doing amazing work. I'm very proud and excited to share with you the fourth episode of The Grimoire Chapters: Rem.




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